Pretty in Plum and a Wrap Sweater

Sometimes it’s about compromise.
What I really wanted was a wrap sweater that I saw on Pinterest. Unfortunately, before it sold out, it was retailing for over two hundred bucks. Not gonna happen in my closet. So I had to find an affordable alternative. Enter this soft and cuddly neutral colored sweater from Walmart.

wrapsweater4Underneath it is a plum tee. I ♥ fall colors.

wrapsweater6My Pandora bracelet has a few Pandora beads and is filled out with knockoff beads from JoAnn in pinks and purples.wrapsweater8Jeans: Old Navy Sweater: Walmart Tee: Walmart Satin Bow Ballet Flats: old Bracelet: Pandora and knockoff beads

I heard an ugly rumor that you can’t blog about fashion unless you buy the “good stuff”. Pish posh. I’m sharing some outfits for busy moms on tight budgets who still want to look pretty and ladylike. If pretty and ladylike is your style, check out my Pinterest boards- there’s a link in the sidebar.

XOXO  Jenni

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I am the blogger behind Hey Little Mother. I love morning coffee, making lists and romantic stories. I am always ready to jump into a craft or DIY project, and with six kids, I never run out of inspiration.
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One Response to Pretty in Plum and a Wrap Sweater

  1. Totally lost my comment.. grr!! The sweater looks great. It’s so not true you can’t blog about fashion if you don’t buy the “good stuff” which everyone’s “good stuff: is so different. Contrary to what many believe I shop the sales. Love that you got this beautiful sweater at Walmart, look put together and modest. Thanks for your kind words and I look forward to stopping by again. :)


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