Recipe Review and This Week’s Menu

Hi there!

Last time I posted our weekly menu I told you I’d share how the meals turned out, so let’s do that first.

I made the grilled jalapeno popper sandwiches for lunch one day. Oh. My. Goodness. I made these with jarred jalapeno slices. They were so so good. After lunch one of the older kids said that it was the most slowly he had ever eaten a sandwich because the flavor was so intense. They were absolutely delicious and I definitely recommend trying this recipe for yourself.

The crack potatoes were served for dinner with ham steaks. The dogs could have grabbed the ham from my family’s plates and they would not have cared. One bite of those potatoes and they didn’t care about anything else. In fact, the kids requested that I make these again this week. Ridiculously good. I thought the race for seconds might end in a fistfight.

I wound up doing my own thing with the pepperoni lasagna rollups because I was having a cheese shortage and had to blend a few different kinds. And the sweet and spicy taco salad had a great flavor, but it wasn’t put together the way my mother in law did it, so I’m going to have to ask her for her recipe.

Here are the recipes I’m trying this week, in no particular order- I haven’t filled out our menu board yet. My little guy is done with his extended year school program and it suddenly got a lot busier here! <3

That’s it for new ones this week. I’ll post the menu board when I get it all filled in, and recipe reviews next week.

There’s a link in my sidebar if you want to follow me on Pinterest and check out the other recipes I’m pinning. I can’t remember the last time I had to go looking anywhere else for a recipe. I just keep them organized by separating my food boards into categories, so if you visit, make sure you scroll through all the boards to find all the options.

See you soon!

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I am the blogger behind Hey Little Mother. I love morning coffee, making lists and romantic stories. I am always ready to jump into a craft or DIY project, and with six kids, I never run out of inspiration.
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