Tutorial- Making Business Cards with Picmonkey

Hi friends! How was your holiday weekend? It’s been hectic with all the kids home, so I didn’t get any new projects done. Boo….but I do have some information to share with you!

picmonkey for business cards- a tutorial from heylittlemother.com

A while back, I wrote a post sharing that I had made business cards in PicMonkey and had them printed. It was not by any means a tutorial, but I get a lot of traffic from Google searches for PicMonkey business cards. Tonight, on a whim, I Googled “how to make business cards in PicMonkey”, and mine was one of the top ten sites listed. What??? Now I’m feeling pressured to do better than that lame post! HLM has a new, more grownup look and I need to update my business card design too, so I’m going to show you how I laid out the new business card using PicMonkey. It’s so easy to make a cute design on there- you’ll love it!


So- let’s get started! To use all the tools PicMonkey has to offer, you’ll need to purchase a subscription, but don’t panic, it’s not expensive. You can pay $4.99 a month or $33 dollars a year, and it’s worth every penny if you don’t have the time or patience to play around with Photoshop.

We’re going to start by uploading a high resolution image as a background. If you don’t already have one, you can find one in Centsational Girl’s Word Art tutorial.


Click the rotate button and turn your image into a landscape (side-to-side) orientation. Click the resize button and enter 1050×600. I actually left out that step in the following photos, so my image is shaped differently than what you will see on your screen.


To create the color you want for your background, click the overlays button on the far left. Select geometric from the menu, and click the rectangle. Use the corner arrows on your new overlay to enlarge it to cover your original image. In the automatic popup menu, you will see a color adjustment tool. Use it to create the color you want for your business card background.

Next, as you see above, you can select the “your own” button to use any image from your computer as an overlay. I got mine from patterncooler.com.


To create this look, I did not upload this overlay over and over again. With all overlays, once you apply it once, you can right click on it and find “duplicate overlay” in the menu that appears. This will save you from a migraine induced by trying to make a million overlays exactly the same size to complete your design.

Once you have everything positioned where you want it, click the button that I pointed out above to meld all your overlays into one image permanently, so that when you add additional stuff, you don’t accidentally move these ones around, making you cry. Yeah, been there.


Next you will want a pretty little spot in the middle of your card to add your branding. PicMonkey offers a variety of trendy overlays under the “labels” category. The one I used offers the ability to change the color of both the body of the label and the secondary color, so I chose black and white.


You’re almost done! Select the text tool (the P) from the left menu and choose a font. Click add text, put your info in and use the pop up menu to adjust font size and color. To use two different fonts, simply repeat the process a second time.


Don’t forget to tell everyone what you’re all about- I used yet another text box to add the crafts recipes and DIY projects line. I clicked the geometric button and added little circles between each category to separate them. Again, don’t add an overlay more than once. Add the first one, then right click and select duplicate overlay. Then everything is the same size.

A couple of important notes: Leave space around your design for cropping when uploading to your printing service. I used Vistaprint the first time around and was glad I had saved space around the design, because I would have lost some of it.  Second, people have asked about what information should be on business cards for bloggers. The back of my card has HLM’s web address, facebook, twitter and email information as well as my full name. I did not add a phone number, thinking that if I wanted someone to have it, we’d exchange numbers in person. Since the six kids ring my brains out on that thing, I tend to not give it out much, but to add or not to add is completely dependent on where you plan to distribute your cards and your personal comfort level. If you’re putting it up on bulletin boards in public shops for bored travelers, leave off the personal cell number.

So there you have it- how to make an attractive, unique business card in PicMonkey. Now go have some fun!

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4 Responses to Tutorial- Making Business Cards with Picmonkey

  1. Suzan says:

    Great info! Thanks so much for posting.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi Jennifer – Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment about my ‘Ruffled Pillow Tutorial’. I was just thinking that I needed to order some business cards, so your post is right up my alley. I have pinned this and plan to give it a try. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Nice Day,

  3. how much space do you need to leave for cropping for VistaPrint?

    • When you upload your image to vistaprint it will show you the “danger zone” where they don’t guarantee that it will make it through printing. I use the wide border to make sure that I will get some design around the edges. Just make sure that your information is more toward the center of your design, or be prepared to resize the design in vistaprint to make sure it’s all in the safe zone, which will make the wording smaller. I didn’t want to shrink my design, so I used a wide border that I could afford to lose the edges of. Good luck!

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